Current status:
30 boxes unpacked. Nothing on the walls. No wardrobe. Pure chaos.

Immediate goals:
Unpack 10 boxes
Move unpacked boxes to bedroom
Set up craft area
Clean/finish kitchen
Clean/finish bathrooms


half birthdays are silly days.

They are for sleep-in snuggles and imperfect pancake shapes.  Thrifting and eating at Dicks.  Half birthdays are for starting blogs.

that is a heart and a cupcake, in case you were wondering

Half birthdays are for reflection.  This blog is a major to-do item on my 30 before 30 list.  I made my list on my 25th birthday and filled it with “big goals”; some that might take a long time or a lot of work.  And today I am 26.5.  So I need to buckle down and commit myself to working on the person I want to be.

(And I want to be someone who accomplishes her goals.)

Half Birthdays are for looking forward.  I am excited to blog because I want to document all of the exciting things ahead of me: a growing business, completing my countless apartment projects, exploring my love of crafting, and figuring out what “family” means to me now that I am all grown up.